The Retreat Day Spa

3920 Crosshaven Drive, Suite 100

Birmingham, AL 35243

(205) 834-8349

Jill Copeland, LMT, NMT


"I highly recommend Jill Copeland as a therapeutic massage

therapist. I have come to her for acute back and hip therapy for the

past three years and am impressed with her skill and strength. She is

a good listener, works on the pain I describe even as she is focused

on the whole person, and is helpful with exercises to practice between

sessions. She knows her craft well, but she is eager to learn more.

I know she has continued her training and education on a regular basis

and that indicates a high level of professionalism to me. I recommend

her to my own clients and know that they will receive some of the best

treatment available. Jill Copeland could be anywhere in the country

with a thriving practice, so I am grateful she is in Birmingham."


I would highly recommend Jill Copeland. She is a skilled professional massage therapist who definitely understands her clients and cares about each individual. She listens and goes the ‘extra mile’ in helping clients through massage and advice to help ease whatever pain you may be experiencing.

I have suffered with migraine headaches for years and Jill has really helped to almost eliminate the headaches completely. I have been to many massage therapists over the years but none have been so successful as Jill. She has a great working knowledge of the human body and was able to pinpoint certain areas where the headaches originate. By concentrating on these areas, she has helped to lessen my headaches and greatly decrease the amount of migraine medicine that I take. I have gone from needing medicine 2-3 times per week to approximately once a quarter. This has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life and I am so thankful to have Jill as my massage therapist.

If you are looking for a massage therapist, I would strongly encourage you to contact Jill Copeland.


As a mother of 2 young children, my schedule is limited.
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